Services that are adjusted to your needs!

Preventive maintenance

These personalized maintenance designs bring many sizeable benefits, such as:

  • Priority for service calls (in the event of a breakage)
  • Scheduled maintenance to detect the breakage before it happens
  • A fixed budget management (parts and service contracts)
  • Fast-paced and personalized service
  • Enhanced productivity for your equipment

Safety systems and performance optimization

We perform alterations on your kitchen equipment in order to make them safer and more efficient. We also proffer the install of:

  • Security railings for mixers
  • Operating stop switch (meat saw, etc.)
  • Water level monitors to protect submerged components

Expanding the lifespan of your equipment

Our experience and experts network bring us to innovative and economical solutions to make your equipment’s life last longer.

  • Engine rewinding
  • Electronic cards and controls repair
  • Welding and machining of metal parts

To learn more, give us a call.

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